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You need to know Vietnamese marriage laws and USA visa regulations if you want to take your bride to your country. How long does it take to get a Vietnamese visa in the USA? What to keep in mind during the procedure? How can a Vietnamese woman get to the USA? What details to pay attention to? Keep reading the guide to find out all the answers.

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K1 Visa For Vietnam

Best way to get Vietnamese fiancee to the US: top tips

‌Here’s what you should do.

  • Learn Vietnamese wife characteristics to make sure you’re compatible and can make a good match.
  • Learn all the details about how to legally meet, marry, and live together (more about visas and documents below).
  • Arrange your budget. There going to be expenditures on trips, documents, dates, etc. Make sure you have enough money.

Vietnam visa for a United States citizen

‌When you made up your mind about buying a Vietnamese wife and want to go to her country to meet in person, you need to undertake a few steps. First, documents. To enter Vietnam, all U.S. citizens must have a valid passport and a visa. You’ll be denied entry in case you break any of these rules. To get your visa approved, you can apply for it online.

buying a Vietnamese wife

‌Before you apply for it, you need to define which category of visa you need. You can find the required information on the official Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. But it’s most likely the visa you’ll need is called E-visa. It takes up to 3 days to process it. It’s going to be valid for 30 days.

US visa for a Vietnam citizen

‌If you’re a citizen of America thinking of marrying a Vietnamese woman, you’ll need a visa from Vietnam to the USA and a pack of documents for that. The most important one is a visa. It’s called K1 visa and your Vietnam girlfriend needs to obtain it first. It lets Americans bring a foreign bride to the country with the purpose of marriage. It’s valid for 90 days.

‌How to obtain it? Vietnamese citizens can apply for it only at the U.S. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. All the instructions are given there (what documents to collect, how to arrange an appointment for a visa interview, payment details, etc.) Once an application is approved, a fiancee has to submit a passport for visa printing.

‌There’s no other fastest legal way to get Vietnamese bride to the USA. Once you get married in America, your spouse can submit documents to receive legal permanent resident status. It might seem a bit complicated, but if you have a plan, do everything step by step, and understand why you do it all, your goal will be received soon. Just go for it!