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Getting a Vietnamese mail order bride is a hard task even for talkative, charismatic, and expressive men. However, everyone has a soulmate, and the main goal of sites like ours is to help people find hot foreign women who live on the other continents.

Selected Vietnamese Brides Profiles

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Tien, 25
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Hang, 39
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Nhi, 23
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Lisa, 24
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Thanh Thuy, 39
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Minh, 26
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Joanna, 23
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Lucy, 18
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Gina, 22
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Quynh Huong, 21
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Sakura, 24
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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lily, 41
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Here, on VietnameseBrideOnline.com, we do our best for single Western men who just have to meet their Vietnam mail order bride or girlfriends. There are a lot of possibilities to communicate with these girls, and we discuss all of them on the pages of our site, as well as the traditional features of these gorgeous ladies.

Check out our website that was created to clarify everything on Vietnam women dating and the features of traditional women of Vietnam.

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Love between USA men and Vietnamese mail order wives

Western and Asian worlds are completely different. We do not even mention the difference between the languages – people can easily learn them, but cultures are much more hard to comprehend. Still, men from the West want to date beauties from Asia, and from Vietnam in particular.


  • They are feminine fairies;
  • They are inspiring women;
  • They are supporting partners;
  • They just love being women and inspire men with their beauty, kindness, and care.

So, why Vietnamese brides want to date foreigners then?

USA men and Vietnamese bride

There are tons of answers. Women from Vietnam have a lot of personal reasons to seek a partner among Western and American men. Some of these girls just want to try the relationship with the men who differ from those they see in their homeland; some of them are not satisfied with the relationship traditions in Vietnam; some of them had an awful relationship experience, and they hope that Western men can help them to relieve the tension they feel now during communication with males.

Considering the fact that Western women differ from Vietnam women, dating them is the best choice for those who did not succeed in dating girls from Western countries of just want to try the relationship with the other type of girls.

Are Vietnamese mail order bride websites safe?

Some of the mail order brides sites are safe, some of them – not. Some platforms offer a wide range of services for reasonable prices, and some will leave you with nothing. Luckily, dishonest platforms do not live long – people sue them, leave complaints, write plenty of negative reviews, and you always can find the proofs of bad reputation of a company that owns a site.

Generally,  trusted mail order websites are safe – everything depends on your actions and personal safety measures. We will share some tips that you should remember to protect yourself online.

Vietnamese mail order bride

What you should know before getting a Vietnamese mail order bride?

Take a look below to have a deeper understanding of Vietnamese brides:

Vietnamese girls are focused on serious relationships. Casual hookups and affairs aren’t for them, so you’ve got to think about your intentions.
Ladies from Vietnam put their families first. Whatever happens, a Vietnamese female must be there to help and support her dearest people.
Mail order Vietnamese brides take care of their partners a lot. They strive to make their loved ones happy and be sure that they feel comfortable in a relationship. 
Romance will be all around you. If you find a Vietnamese girlfriend, prepare for the sweetest moments in your life because she’ll hug you, give you dozens of kisses per day, and surprise you with gifts.

Vietnamese women take their relationships seriously and prioritize their closest people. If you want to be a part of it, look for a local partner!

How to communicate with a bride from Vietnam?

Order A Bride From Vietnam

There are no special instructions on how to communicate with a Vietnamese bride. However, we still can share some tips on how to charm a lady from Vietnam with you.

  1. Don’t be aggressive.

    Some men like to force the relationship, but these girls do not like such men. Almost all the Vietnamese women are very shy and reserved, and the worst thing that you can do is to keep pushing your beautiful and gentle interlocutor.

  2. Don’t not attack Vietnam lady for marriage with plenty of messages.

    Keep calm and write several times a day. If you really want to communicate with your girl for long and then arrange a meeting with her, you should not send too many messages. Besides, you can call to your Vietnam bride to diversify your communication.

  3. Be polite.

    All the ladies like gentlemen, but women in Vietnam value politeness like a treasure. They are modest girls who sometimes cannot express their feelings and emotions because of a bit aggressive and dominant behavior of their interlocutors. But, if you are ready to be a bit more discreet, your lady will appreciate that.

  4. Send presents.

    If you want to make your Vietnam girl happy, you can send her a gift. Do not tell her that you did it: it will impress your lady even more than you expect.

Why Vietnamese women go dating online

Online dating is so popular nowadays because it is a highly convenient and just perfect way to communicate with other people. To understand how does online dating works, imagine a social network with hundreds of thousands or even millions of users who have one desire – to find their other halves. A regular social network can give you only communication with other people – in different ways if it is a developed and popular network. But, you have no guarantees that you will find a perfect match among those people: they could have registered just to be in touch with their friends and relatives or to share the photos of their life.

Vietnam Mail Order Brides

In contrast to those social networks, Vietnamese dating sites offer communication only with people who are open to the new relationship. Members share their photos, videos, features of character, and the aim of seeking a partner. Women in Vietnam use such sites as well, and if you want to meet a Vietnamese woman, you should register on one of the trusted dating platforms.

How mail order bride phenomenon has changed people’s relationships

First of all, mail order bride phenomenon granted people the possibility to seek partners abroad, making their choice wider and more diverse. If you are here, you must have heard about the women from the other countries who want to date Western men – generous, handsome, and romantic. Besides, Vietnam mail order brides are among the most popular women to marry, and if you want to meet these girls, you can easily find plenty of online dating services that can offer you the possibility to make contacts with Vietnam women.

Basic safety measures while searching for a Vietnamese bride

There are plenty of advantages of online services, but you should understand that there are dangers as well. To know how to protect yourself in virtual space is a must, especially with young websites that do not have a solid reputation or plenty of honest positive reviews with photos and other proofs.

Read our instruction on how to protect your money and nerves while getting a Vietnamese mail order bride online. Please, feel free to save it or come back to refresh your memory!

  1. Check if the site has any security certificates. Norton and McAfee are among the most popular certificates that websites get to keep their members’ transactions and reputation safe.
  2. Have a look at the profiles. Do the photos look real, or they are just polished results of Photoshop?
  3. Read the reviews. Pay attention to the fact that both negative and positive reviews may be influenced by the unsuccessful or happy results of using the site. Consider facts, not only emotions.
  1. Do not send money to your interlocutors, even if they desperately ask about it (especially if they ask). Be rational and think about your finances: there are plenty of beautiful scammers who want to make your wallet empty and leave you on your own with your depression and disappointment.
  2. Do not share any personal information, such as phone number or address. The sites usually do not allow people to exchange their personal data, and they have two reasons to do that: they do not want to lose their money that people spend during the communication online, and they protect users from careless sharing their data. Only imagine what a dishonest person can do with the info about your house location or card details.
  3. Do not lie to your interlocutors. Keep your information safe, but be honest. No one likes liars, and we believe that you don’t like them too. Do not join their dark crowd.

How can we help you find a Vietnamese mail order bride?

We’re here for you to help you meet a Vietnamese mail order bride on the best international dating site and win her heart. On VietnameseBrideOnline, you’ll find out:

  • Top platforms to search for a potential girlfriend. When reviewing services, we consider all the important aspects, including features, safety, and quality of profiles. 
  • Effective courtship tips. You’ll learn how to date Vietnam women looking for marriage considering their mentality and background. 
  • Characteristics of Vietnamese ladies. From their appearance to personality traits, you’ll discover everything you need to know.

With us, you’ll meet the prettiest Vietnamese brides and know how to attract them for sure. 

Where to buy a Vietnamese bride

buy a Vietnamese bride

If you are looking for Vietnam brides for sale, the best place to meet them is Vietnamese dating websites. We do not put any limitations on you and do not say that you should go only to Vietnam (because it is obvious) – you can meet these beauties in a lot of countries. Still, if you want to date a traditional girl, you should either buy tickets to Vietnam, the homeland of feminine and gentle girls, or try online dating platforms. We would recommend you to start with websites because it is the shortest path to single women.

Moreover, if you are a new person to international dating at all, you will find it convenient to communicate via dating services: they offer plenty of opportunities to make contacts with Vietnam girls, as well as to charm them with real gifts and flowers.

How much do Vietnamese mail order brides cost?

When seeking a Vietnam girl for marriage, you should understand that you don’t buy a person actually as it’s illegal. You just need to cover expenses you may face during your search. Here are the most common ones:

  • Online dating. You’ll have to pay the fees to reach top premium features which will be around $200 per month.
  • Having a real-life meeting with a mail order Vietnamese bride. A 2-week trip will cost nearly $1,800.
  • Applying for a nonimmigrant K-1 visa. The sum without extra expenses is $800.
  • Celebrating a wedding. It’s counted individually, but if you want a cozy party with a few friends and your families, the cost may be no more than $10,000.

📌So, dating and marrying Vietnamese woman will cost you in total around $14,000.

Online dating$200
2-week trip$1,800
K-1 visa$800

Why buy a Vietnamese bride online?

Now that you know where to find Vietnam girls for sale and you’re sure that dating websites are a legal option, it’s time to figure out why these platforms are the best choice. Here are the main reasons to look for a potential partner online:

  • A convenient dating experience. A modern Vietnam bride agency has a comfortable website you can use both on a laptop and a smartphone. Besides, many services have apps so that a member can enjoy online love search on the go.
  • A large database of ladies. A catalog of the best dating platform contains thousands of Vietnam hotties looking for love with a foreign man.
  • Cutting-edge communication tools. Such features as live chat, video calls, voice messages, and virtual gifts will make dating Vietnamese mail order brides enjoyable and comfortable.
  • Detailed profiles. The best dating websites require members to complete special forms containing questions about their personal and physical characteristics. If you’re searching for a mail order bride from Vietnam to become your partner, read a woman’s page information to figure out whether she possesses qualities you like in ladies.
  • Safe payment options. When you seek Vietnamese brides for sale, it’s important to be sure your financial data will be protected. Reputable dating services offer members to use only trusted systems to transfer the money.

As you can see, it’s better to buy a Vietnamese wife online as the benefits of virtual dating are obvious.

Vietnamese bride

How to effectively start looking for a Vietnamese mail order bride?

Use these recommendations to achieve the best possible results when searching for Vietnamese mail order brides:

Choose a reliable dating website.
Keep track of our reviews and check out user feedback on the Web to figure out what you should expect to get on a platform.
Make a great profile.
Answer the questions provided by the service, write about your relationship goals, and describe your perfect match. It’s important to have an attractive main photo and a couple of additional ones for your album.
Upgrade your account.
Check out the offered options and top up your balance for enjoyable communication.
Test different tools.
If you pick a platform with different interactive features, try them to find out which ones are more effective and better for your budget.

The tips will help you increase your chances with beautiful Vietnamese women, so good luck!

How to meet a Vietnamese bride online?

To get closer to your dream and finally get a beautiful girlfriend from Vietnam, it’s necessary to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register on a dating website. It will take you only a few minutes to sign up on a Vietnamese mail order brides platform and create an attractive profile.
  2. Use search filters. Choose the preferable parameters to find a Vietnamese bride that matches your preferences.
  3. Communicate with ladies. You’ll need to ask questions, flirt with a Vietnamese woman, and tell her about yourself to get to know each other better.

Develop your relationship. When you meet a stunning girl among single Vietnamese women and realize she’s the one, focus only on her. Deepen your connection by organizing virtual dates, sending bouquets and gifts, and communicating regularly.

Once you figure out it’s time to take the next step in your relationship, you can organize a real-life meeting. Visit your bride from Vietnam to enjoy each other’s company.

Now, it all depends on you–to start searching for a wonderful woman who would become your partner or wait till destiny finds you. If you pick the first variant, a mail order Vietnamese bride can be a perfect choice for you. Just register on a dating website and may your love story begin!


Are Vietnamese mail order brides real?

Yes, Vietnamese brides are real ladies registered on international dating sites. They have to provide the required documents and other proof so that moderators can verify their profiles. 

Is it legal to mail order a Vietnamese bride?

Seeking and building a relationship with a Vietnamese mail order bride is legal. Hundreds of Vietnamese girls get K-1 visas annually to marry their boyfriends in America.

How to get married to a Vietnamese woman?

Register on a dating site and create a profile that will attract the attention of Vietnamese brides. Communicate with ladies and when you find a girlfriend, visit her in Vietnam. When you decide to marry, help her get a K-1 visa allowing her to come to the USA and become your wife within 90 days.

Are Vietnamese mail order brides still a thing?

Vietnamese ladies are among the most popular Asian women. Foreign men are attracted by their beauty and kind nature. Moreover, Vietnamese women are loyal partners who respect their husbands, trust them, and take care of them.