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Looking for a good gift for a Vietnamese woman? There are indeed certain traditions and rules you should follow because your girlfriend was raised in a totally different culture and society. How to give a gift of appreciation for a Vietnamese woman? Keep reading to find out.

Traditional Vietnamese gifts

‌If you want to follow some Vietnamese dating customs, you can choose one of the gifts below. What is a good gift for Vietnamese? These are especially great if you’re meeting your girlfriend’s parents and family.

Traditional Vietnamese gifts
  • Silk products. Anything from neckerchiefs or dressing gowns to bed linen and clothes. Silk in Vietnam is a very popular material and locals use it for a variety of things. They give silk for lots of occasions.
  • Coffee. Vietnam is the world’s largest exporter of Robusta coffee, and they sure know how to make the most of it. Locals drink lots of this beverage and consider quality tasty coffee as one of the best gifts one can possibly give.
  • Bamboo products. Another very common and widely used material in the country. Choose anything like bowls, baskets, bathmats, or towels. Any item is practical and yet can look good in both modern and traditional designs.

Vietnamese gift giving etiquette

‌It’s important to know how to give gifts to Vietnam mail order brides. What presents are taboo? See below.

  • Don’t give yellow flowers, chrysanthemums, or anything in black color. This is regarded as a bad sign.
  • Don’t give sharp objects like knives or scissors as it means cutting off the relationships between you and a gift receiver.
  • Don’t give the watches. While it’s a great gift in the Western culture, Vietnamese find it as something reminding of limited human life.

More peculiarities:

  • Vietnamese may first refuse your present. This is just a way of being modest and doesn’t mean they don’t like it. You need to insist them to take it.
  • Vietnamese may not open your gift at once in front of you. They first need to show their appreciation and expresses their gratitude and surprise.

Top good gifts for Vietnamese woman

good gifts for Vietnamese woman

‌But if you really want to win a Vietnamese woman heart, go for something more girlish and modern rather than traditional gifts. What is a good gift for a Vietnamese lady? For example:

  • Jewelry. Something cute, beautiful, and even symbolic. Maybe a heart sign or the first letter of her name.
  • Gadget. A new phone or laptop will make your Vietnamese girl deliciously happy and grateful.
  • Romantic trip. Anywhere. It shouldn’t necessarily be expensive. But she’ll appreciate the time you’ll spend together.

‌There are so many Vietnamese gifts ideas. How to choose gifts for your Vietnamese Girlfriend? Only you know what she really wants to get – flowers, a new bag, shoes, cosmetics, or a SPA day with you. Think about what can make her happy. Your gift should be special and show your love and care. What would you choose?