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What’s the difference between Vietnamese and Chinese women? On the one hand, girls live in neighboring countries, have common facial features, share similar traditions and history. On the other hand, there are lots of peculiarities that make each of them unique. What are these differences? Read the article to compare Vietnamese girls vs Chinese.

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Difference between Vietnamese and Chinese girls

‌Let’s divide the differences between the women into a few categories and learn more about their appearance, character, and dating peculiarities. These are the main Chinese vs. Vietnamese girls features.‌

Vietnamese Women


‌Now, this is a complicated one as character depends on lots of factors like genes, upbringing, society, and many more. So the country you were born in can’t define you fully. But there are some tendencies in differences between Vietnamese women traits and Chinese girls’ personalities that scientists researched and concluded.

Chinese women tend to be more ambitious and self-confident. The concept of the importance of education and financial stability is widely spread throughout the country and you’ll find lots of women working hard to succeed in life. Vietnamese, in contrast, are less ambitious. They also consider studying and work important. But they’re often okay with not making much money. For example, being beauticians are very common among Vietnamese girls.‌


‌A Westerner would usually not tell the difference in looks between Vietnamese and Chinese girls. Like, they’re Asians, which often means short height, narrow eyes, and pale skin. If taking general characteristics into consideration, this is true. Both nationalities have lots in common. But if you look closer and try to find the differences, you’ll see some distinctiveness.

‌‌Vietnamese girls tend to be smaller than Chinese. Their bodies are tinier and fitter. Second, they tend to have broader noses, fuller eyes, and darker complexion. This is typical for Southeast Asians. By the way, that’s why girls from South China have lots in common with Vietnamese ladies. On the contrary, Northern Chinese girls tend to be taller and have darker skin. But, in general, no matter if you want to buy a Vietnamese bride or Chinese girl. Both women are extremely attractive.

Chinese Women

Dating Peculiarities

‌Need tips for dating a Vietnamese woman? Or meeting Chinese girls? Well, it’s quite difficult to find big differences in dating girls from China and Vietnam. Both societies are pretty conservative. It might be a challenge to have a quick date with a woman even if you’re a foreigner. Ladies in these regions expect serious relationships that will lead to marriage and family. Also, it’s extremely important in both countries for a girl’s parents to approve of her boyfriend. If they don’t like you, you almost have no chances.

‌‌How to tell the difference between a Chinese and Vietnamese girl? Who to date? The comparisons of Vietnamese women vs Chinese women you can find above are just generalizations and can be subjective. The differences are slight and there are more similarities women share. It can be concluded that both are great for dating. It’s just a matter of personal taste. Who would you choose?