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Dating a girl from Vietnam is an exciting journey, but how to propose to a Vietnamese woman? One day you’ll decide to take another serious step with your relationship, and that’s why you have to learn local engagement customs. While many modern families skip some stages of the proposal ceremony, conservative ones follow every ritual. However, engagement is the celebration of love and the beginning of a new chapter of a man’s and woman’s lives. So, a betrothal ceremony in Vietnam is as important as the wedding itself. You’d better prepare and learn the main Vietnamese engagement traditions.

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What are the main Vietnamese engagement customs?

Those searching for Vietnamese girls for marriage should know that proposal traditions in Vietnam differ from Western ones. They involve a few stages following strict rules. Learn important Vietnamese engagement traditions to be ready for the big day.

How to propose to a Vietnamese woman?

No doubt that your girlfriend dreams of a romantic proposal. You should plan something special to ask a Vietnamese lady to marry you. For example, you can organize a picnic at sunset, take her to a restaurant, or even cook dinner on your own. Get down on one knee to propose to her and make your sweetheart the happiest woman in the world.

How to Propose To A Vietnamese Woman

How to ask Vietnamese parents to marry their daughter?

Traditionally, a proposal ceremony is a starting point for a wedding preparation in Vietnam. The groom’s parents and siblings visit the bride’s family to ask for permission to marry their son. Once the two parties have confirmed celebrating a relationship of their children officially, they’ll also discuss an engagement party and wedding details.

The groom’s family members bring different gifts, including wine, betel, fruits, tea, and areca nuts. They do it to demonstrate respect to the bride’s parents. Trays with gifts should be covered with red cloth.

Vietnamese engagement ceremony

The previous tradition is an informal part of an engagement. Now, it’s necessary to announce the decision of two loving hearts to get married. Although many modern families choose the most convenient date for a betrothal ceremony, some couples still follow Vietnamese engagement traditions. They take advice from astrologists to pick a wedding and engagement ceremony date. Sometimes it takes a few days to determine the best dates so that marriage would be successful.

Vietnamese engagement customs

An official celebration of a couple’s decision to get married takes place at the Vietnamese engagement party. The number of guests will count much more than just parents and siblings. Groom’s and bride’s relatives, friends, and even neighbors can be invited to the party. A group of his guests should go to her place and bring offerings for her family. Unmarried men or boys from the groom’s side will carry trays with gifts while unmarried beautiful Vietnamese girls from the bride’s side will receive them.

Once the groom’s guests are allowed to enter the bride’s house, representatives of both sides will introduce family members to each other. The groom’s representative will explain that they came to ask for a girl’s hand. After giving gifts to the bride’s family, she’ll be allowed to join guests. Traditionally, men bring jewelry for their future wives, including Vietnamese engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings. Offerings are put at the altar, where the groom and the girl ask for their parents’ blessings. The party will end after this ritual, or the girl’s family will organize a banquet.

Once the Vietnamese engagement ceremony is over, families will start to prepare for the wedding. Some couples in Vietnam get married just a few days after an engagement ceremony, while others prefer to have a longer period between these dates. So, you don’t have to wait for too long to marry a Vietnamese woman You can even organize a wedding in three days or a week after an engagement ceremony.

Vietnamese engagement traditions

Importance of dowries in Vietnamese culture

According to Vietnamese engagement customs, a dowry is given both when a man visits his girlfriend’s place with his family to ask for her hand and during the official betrothal ceremony. They bring wine and cognac, cakes, areca nuts, tobacco, fruits, and roasted pig. The groom’s parents express their agreement for marriage and respect for the bride’s family this way. Dowries for the official engagement ceremony also include jewelry. Presents are put in lacquer boxes and covered with red cloth. You should know that Vietnamese women are good wives, so you’ll have to prepare something really nice to show that you’re the best choice for her and impress her family.

The bride’s parents return some gifts after the official betrothal ceremony to the groom’s family to show they’re not greedy. Another reason why they share offerings is the desire to demonstrate respect. The ritual will remind you of the beginning of the Vietnamese engagement ceremony when young men carried dowries. But this time, unmarried girls from the bride’s side have to give trays to the groom’s friends. His parents may send some gifts to their relatives to inform them of their child’s upcoming wedding.

Although Vietnamese marriage customs may seem complicated for a foreign guy because they differ from western traditions, they’re interesting and full of symbolism. An engagement ceremony is key to a successful marriage. So, keep the proposal traditions in your mind to get a blessing from the parents of the most beautiful Vietnamese girl.